Welcome to the personal page of Julien Kloeg, senior lecturer in philosophy at Erasmus University College. Above all, I use this page to explore new directions in my philosophical writings. My main research themes are social and political philosophy, philosophy of eduation, and the quest for man. Thinkers I often return to include Hannah Arendt, Helmuth Plessner, and Carl Schmitt. I am currently managing editor of the International Yearbook for Philosophical Anthropology with publishing house De Gruyter.

I hold a PhD (2019) from Erasmus University Rotterdam. My dissertation was supervised by prof. dr. Willem Schinkel and prof. dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens. The external examiners were prof. dr. Étienne Balibar, prof. dr. Hauke Brunkhorst, and prof. dr. D.A.A. Loose. My dissertation is currently under preparation as a book manuscript. This project introduces a dual view on depoliticization which affects European nation-states both at the level of national politics and at the EU-level. I introduce Europopulism as a way to reintroduce politics.

In addition, I hold a BA and an MA (cum laude) in Philosophy, as well as various teaching qualifications. I teach at Erasmus University College and the Erasmus School of Philosophy. A full CV is available upon request.